NEW - GOLD Magnetic Necklace Set - Brass Pendant

NEW - GOLD Magnetic Necklace Set -  Brass Pendant

The Clique magnetic pendant is now available with a shiny GOLD finish. This listing is for a necklace set that includes one Clique™ pure brass pendant base and FOUR interchangeable design inserts of your YOUR CHOICE. Clique offers hundreds of designs to "express who you are and what you love"! The Clique pendant is both timeless and stylish in design. Our pendant is a handcrafted, high quality jewelry piece. It easily distinguishes itself from the mass produced, made in China, pendant bases found in other shops. Our 1" magnetic design inserts fit perfectly and securely inside our Clique pendant base.

Email your four 4-digit Item Numbers that correspond to the designs you wish Clique to make:


WARNING: Clique utilizes strong magnets in both the jewelry bases and the design inserts. People who wear pacemakers or other electrical aids should not wear jewelry containing magnets. Clique contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 5 years of age. Design inserts are water resistant but are NOT waterproof and should be removed before bathing or swimming.

$ 28.69