Badge Reel - SAFER THAN FABRIC- Includes 1 Design

Badge Reel - SAFER THAN FABRIC- Includes 1 Design

This listing is for ONE badge reel and ONE interchangeable magnetic design. You may pick ANY Clique design insert Each design has its own unique 4-DIGIT ITEM NUMBER (three numbers followed by a letter). Clique offers hundreds of interchangeable design inserts to "express who you are and what you love"!

. * Choose the style of badge reel. Select either Alligator/Spring clip OR Slide/Lanyard clip. (See photos for description.) *

Email the 4-DIGIT ITEM NUMBER corresponding to the design you want to:


WHY IS A CLIQUE BADGE REEL SAFER THAN A BADGE REEL WITH A FABRIC DESIGN? * Many badge reels are worn by professionals in a medical setting where infection control is a top priority. The Clique reel can be easily sanitized by wiping with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. This is NOT the case with reels that feature fabric designs and small parts such as rhinestones and charms.

BADGE REELS: * All badge reels are white and they are retractable to 34". * The badge reel base holds one magnetic design insert that can be "swapped out" by simply removing using fingers. * Each badge reel comes with a narrow clear strap that threads through an opening on a standard ID badge holder and snaps closed. (see photo) * The clear plastic id holder is not included. This piece is typically supplied by an employer or hospital and houses the individual's id.

DESIGN INSERTS ARE ALL INTERCHANGEABLE Clique uses strong magnets to create the "clique" -- snap of the design -- into the badge reel base. By swapping out the inserts, you can express your passion, personality and style on any given day.

DESIGN INSERTS FIT CLIQUE and MAGNABILITIES 1" JEWELRY Our design inserts are made with strong magnets that fit many popular brands of interchangeable jewelry including our own Clique jewelry and badge reel bases.

WHAT'S SPECIAL ABOUT CLIQUE IS REALLY WHAT'S SPECIAL ABOUT YOU!!! Turn your boring badge reel into a fun fashion accessory that "expresses who you are and what you love!" Clique is proud to offer one of the largest selections of designs available online for interchangeable magnetic jewelry. Choose from Initials, Modern and Traditional Designs, Sports and Activities, Kid and Teen, People We Love, Animals, Holidays, Religious, Medical, and Sweet and Sassy Sayings. With so many choices, it is our wish that Clique Designs will reflect what a cool and unique person you truly are! NEED TO KNOW: Clique uses the highest quality archival ink, premium paper, and attention to detail in our jewelry making. The design graphics in this listing contain a faint watermark located at the bottom of each digital image. The watermark (******) will not appear in the final jewelry piece. The design inserts are water resistant, but are NOT waterproof. Clique utilizes strong magnets in the design inserts. People who wear pacemakers or other medical electrical aids should not wear jewelry or accessories containing magnets. Clique jewelry contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 5 years of age. DISCLAIMER: Magnabilities® is a registered trademark of Magnabilities, LLC. Clique™ Designs is NOT affiliated with or sponsored by Magnabilities, LLC.

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